Dr. Aitor Aizpuru

Dr. Aitor Aizpuru

  • Jefe de Carrera de Ing. Ambiental
  • Profesor-Investigador


  • aitor@angel.umar.mx
  • Licenciatura en Química
  • Maestría en Química
  • Doctorado en Química y Microbiología
  • SNI 1
  • Tratamiento de contaminación atmosférica

Capítulos de libros

  • Arriaga, S., & Aizpuru, A. (2019). Innovative non-aqueous phases and partitioning bioreactor configurations. In Advances in Chemical Engineering (Vol. 54, pp. 299-348). Academic Press, Elsevier.


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  • Candia-Lomelí, M., Covarrubias-Garcia, I., Aizpuru, A., & Arriaga, S. (2023). Preparation and physicochemical characterization of deep eutectic solvents and ionic liquids for the potential absorption and biodegradation of styrene vapors. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 441, 129835.
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  • Cruz‐García, B., & Aizpuru, A. (2022). Proof of concept of a novel in tandem biofilter photobioreactor system for valorization of volatile organic compounds: mineralization of methanol vapors coupled with use of CO2 as a carbon source for Arthrospira maxima growth. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 97(6), 1390-1399.
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