Pandemic: The Catastrophic Crisis

Pandemic: The Catastrophic Crisis

Pandemic: The Catastrophic Crisis

Humanity is at a crucial point in its history, with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has paralyzed a large part of social life on the Planet. The false security provided by a social system that, with the support of science and technology, seemed to give humans total control of their destiny, has been

destroyed. Those who, in recent decades, called attention to the unfeasibility of a social model based on the intense, irrational and unsustainable exploitation of the Planet's limited resources, were branded as spoilers.

The crisis we are living through did not seem to be a realistic scenario for the future of humanity. But here we are, in the midst of a systemic and multidimensional crisis that no one can ignore anymore. However, the main concern of the people and their leaders seems to be a return to what they call normality, not realizing that that supposed normality was a direct route to the suicide of civilization as we know it. To invoke history as proof that humanity can equally overcome this crisis reveals a total lack of understanding of the true nature of the problem we are in; for this is a crisis like no other in history: systemic and multidimensional, accelerating and probably irreversible.

In this book, a group of academics from various countries examine various aspects of the crisis, which each freely chose, and present their opinions, with the aim of contributing to a debate on the future of humanity, which today is more urgent than ever.

In the long term, the destiny of humanity will be determined by forces beyond our control, but in the short term our destiny will be tied to our decisions, and that is the message we want to send with this work, which is not the announcement of the inevitable Apocalypse, but a serious warning about what must be done if it is to be avoided.

Modesto Seara Vázquez
Universidad del Mar
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