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  • Train teachers in International Criminal Law highly trained professional work within the public or private sector that have a highly refined system of work that qualifies them for the rigorous treatment of the international criminal legal dogmatics, the international criminal (and quasi-judicial court), and enforcement of judgments in such matters. Educate researchers, teachers and professionals with the highest training in the field of legal science, from the rigorous methodology of knowledge management, participate actively in the processes that guarantee the right of access to justice and the establishment of a culture of lawfulness of universal justice against all those manifestations of the man who put at risk the very survival of himself.
  • The preparation of teachers with an analytical attitude, critical, creative and responsible contribution to the care of the problems facing humanity in the various advisory bodies and contentious, are now a reality, ever closer to the common citizen, requiring professionals in the field of legal sciences to deepen and widen the knowledge and skills required by professional practice in a specific area such as the International Criminal Law.
  • Train the student in academic or professional work begins in the investigation of the causes of conflicts in International Criminal Law, international litigation process and the judicial interpretation of the decisions of international courts, encouraging their specialized training for train them in the preparation of disciplinary and methodological research.
Graduate Profile
  • A masters graduate in International Criminal Law, will have specialized methodological skills to apply in any field, their knowledge of Criminal Law and International Criminal Sciences will strengthen all areas. After this all graduates of the Master of International Criminal Law will have the theoretical and practical access to international bodies to meet the needs and aspirations of justice to every man is entitled under the aegis of Human Rights.
  • It also possess a high degree of legal and criminal expertise to help you consolidate it as a professional in any field of criminal law practice, always striving for the respect of fundamental human values and legal values of the Mexican state.
Study plan

 Historical Evolution of International Criminal Law
 Humanitarian Law
 Crimes against Peace
 Research Seminar I

 The International Criminal Court
 Crimes Against Humanity
 Maritime Piracy
 Research Seminar II

 Ad hoc Tribunals
 Drug Trafficking
 Research Seminar III

 Organized crime
 Economic and Financial Crimes
 Environmental Crimes
 Research Seminar IV
















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