Universidad del Mar  


Ciencia y Mar

The University del Mar publishes books, magazines and a university newsletter, which are edited by the researchers that work in the three campuses of the University del Mar.







University Bookstores

The University del Mar also has three university bookstores where the general public can acquire books, magazines and other articles.

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Campus Puerto Escondido

Ubicada en Kiosco de la Explanada de la Agencia Municipal, Puerto Escondido, San Pedro Mixtepec, Oax. C.P. 71980


Campus Puerto Ángel

Ubicada en Calle 5 de mayo s/n Col. Centro San Pedro Pochutla C.P.709000
Tel.: 958 58 40200


Campus Huatulco

Ubicada en Kiosko Parque Hundido Chahué, Lote 2 Mz. 4 Sector "P", Bahía de Chahué, Sta. Cruz Huatulco, Oax. C.P 70989
Tel.: 958 587 28 16





Educational and Cultural Activities

Universidad del Mar promotes activities through which the regional cultures in the state of Oaxaca are represented, and as well imparts different types of courses and conferences in support of local populations. Furthermore, as part of its outreach, UMAR maintains botanical gardens and an experimental farm.


Sistema de Universidades Estatales de Oaxaca
Ciudad Universitaria, Puerto Ángel, Distrito de San Pedro Pochutla, Oax., México C.P. 70902
Ciudad Universitaria, Santa María Huatulco, Oax., México C.P. 70989
Ciudad Universitaria, Carretera Vía Sola de Vega, Puerto Escondido, San Pedro Mixtepec, Juquila, Oax., México C.P. 71980
Pino Suárez #509 Col. Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax., México C.P. 68000