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The Magazine Ciencia y Mar (Science and Sea) is a formal medium for broadcasting in the UMAR. It has 40 issues published, distributed in 12 volumes.


Ciencia y Mar

"Ciencia y Mar" is published every four months. It publishes unedited work on Natural Science, Social Sciences and Humanities whose focus is related to the study of the sea and the coastal zones. The manuscripts are results of original scientific research and can be placed in three possible modes: in-depth articles, short articles and notes.
Also "Ciencia y Mar" has three additional sections: Announcements, Scientific Information and Technological and bibliographical reviews.
All the manuscripts which are sent to "Ciencia y Mar" are editorially revised for their pertinence and format beforehand. If the manuscript is scientific research, it is sent to an arbitrary external panel. To proportionate better objectivity in the revision, the procedure of ‘double blind’ is used. This is to say that the arbiters are anonymous and also the authors are anonymous to the arbiters, who are academic equals.
The magazine "Ciencia y Mar" is indexed in ASFA and PERIODICA.
Registrated ISSN 1665-0808.

The editorial process has taken advantage of and become more agile with the use of internet and computer services. In this way they only manage archives sent by electronic mail.
The manuscripts received by electronic mail: revista@angel.umar.mx.
Those interested in sending contributions to "Ciencia y Mar" can consult the instructions for authors here.

The magazine "Ciencia y Mar" is distributed on sale in the three bookstores of the UMAR: Puerto Angel, Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. Also you can find them in the majority of university libraries throughout the country or in some libraries in the USA.
To subscribe, send a check, postal order or transfer for the correct quantity to the name of:

Universidad Universitaria, Puerto Ángel, Pochutla, Oaxaca, C.P. 70902
Tel. 01(958) 5843057, fax 01(958) 5843092
Costo de suscripción anual: $ 90.00 M.N.


Sugerencias y/o contribuciones remitirlas a:

M.C. Alejandra Buenrostro Silva



Miembros del Consejo Editorial

  • Dr. Modesto Seara Vázquez
  • Dr. Juan Francisco Meraz Hernando
    Universidad del Mar (UMAR, Puerto Ángel)
  • Dr. Juan José Luis Carballo
    Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología (ICML, UNAM)
  • Dr. Carlos Rene Green Ruiz
    Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología (ICML, UNAM)
  • Dr. Alberto Lozano Vázquez
    Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad del Mar (UMAR, Huatulco)
  • Dra. Cristina Osuna Martínez
    Facultad del Ciencias del Mar, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa (UAS)
  • Dr. Héctor Hugo Nava Bravo
    Instituto de Investigaciones sobre los Recursos Naturales, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH)
  • Dr. Oliver Santín Peña
    Centro de Investigaciones Sobre América del Norte (CISAN, UNAM)
  • Dra. Rosalía Guerrero Arenas
    Universidad del Mar (UMAR, Puerto Escondido)
  • Dra. Rosa María García Almada
    Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ)
  • Dr. Francisco Martínez Gómez
    Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro (UAAAN)
  • Dr. Juan Narciso Ojeda Cárdenas
    Universidad del Mar (UMAR, Puerto Ángel)


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